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Alpine Publications - quality books on dogs, horses, cats, llamas, and other companion animals
Appalachian Trail Conference - Regional, Landscape Photography
Baggywrinkle Publishing - Cook book by Captain Annie, on slow-cooked authentic Maine food
Avant-Courier Press - Business, Psychology, How-to/Self-help
Dieffesco Publishing - Two Codes for Murder, a true crime story
Divine Mirror Press - spiritual books for children which promote tolerance among faiths, cultures, and races.
Dr. Joyce T. Henderson - Author, Evangelist, Conference Speaker
Jason & Nordic Publishers - Easy-to-read books that honestly talk about what it's like to be a child with a disability
JTI Publishing - Biography, Baseball, History, Sports/Recreation
Northland Publishing Company - "Snake Walkers", a testament to strong black men, women, families and communities.
Rairarubia Books - Rairarubia Tales, books in an on-going fantasy/adventure series.
Are You Financially Checkmate? - The Uncommon Language of Money
Resource Power - Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Shepherd's Crook - An Amish love story, romance between two people of similar backgrounds and the obstacles that keep them apart
Stones Point Press - Specializing in books of exceptional literary quality, Stones Point Press is an eclectic publisher of enduring titles mostly by Maine authors.
S.W.J. Enterprise - Books & Gift Boutique
Symbios - history, genealogy, ecology, natural resources, Christianity
Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc - Work, Study, and Travel Overseas
Tybee House Press - Mystery Novels
Van der Plas Publications - Real Estate, Home, How-to/Self-help

Independent Publishers Bookstore
discount books direct from publisher

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