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Quiet Desperation
by René Smeraglia

Ex-DEA agent and now part-time actor Tuck Matson has been fighting the guilt of his partner's murder since the jungles of Columbia. Years later, Tuck has settled into a cozy new life as a beach bum, house sitting in Malibu, driving a borrowed Porsche and avoiding anything that remotely resembles responsibility. However, the good life never lasts long. A former lover's suspicious suicide yanks Tuck back into the real world with a vengeance. As he unravels the mystery of her last days within LA's seamy underworld, he too is marked for death.

original audio tape ISBN # 1-55686-604-6 (Books in Motion)

hard back book ISBN # 0-9678780-0-4 (Tybee House Mystery)

Quiet Desperation, a Tybee House mystery novel by Rene Smeraglia

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