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Special Notice for SPAN Members

Members of SPAN (Small Publishers Association of North America), read about discounts and other information specifically for you..

SPANSpecial Notice for SPAN Members

Independent Publishers Bookstore Discounts

For those who are serious about doing business on the Internet ... members of SPAN (Small Publishers Association of North America) receive discounts on professionallly designed and marketed IPB Websites, as follows:

Setup Charge $50.00 $35.00
Website Hosting (per month)
paid quarterly in advance
$29.95 $24.95
Website Design (per hour) $75.00 $65.00
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List Your Books on Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore

For a nominal publisher registration fee, you can list an unlimited number of books on IPB's Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore. Every SPAN member should take advantage of this most generous offer.

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Attention: SPAN Members hosting Websites on the SPAN "Book Emporium":

To better serve it's members, SPAN has converted its paid-up Member Websites hosted under the "Book Emporium" to IPB Publisher Websites. The following procedures and policies apply to these transferred Websites:

  1. Re-directing: To maintain continuity, a "Forwarding" page will be placed at the publisher's Book Emporium address ([publisher]* ). This forwarding page will give the new URL of the publisher's Website ([publisher]* ) and automatically redirect Internet visitors to the new address. This will be done for an extended period of time to preserve the integrity of any outstanding publisher advertising which might reference the Book Emporium address. This will not be done indefinitely, however, so all new publisher advertising should reference the IPB address:[publisher]*
  2. Billing Issues: All billing questions regarding Book Emporium or IPB should be directed to VistaWorks (see notice).
  3. Paid-Up Hosting Transferrable: At the time your Website was transferred from Book Emporium to IPB, any pro-rated balance of paid-up Book Emporium hosting period was applied to your IPB account. Websites were transferred "as is" except for Book Emporium links, and initial setup and design charges for sites transferred "as is" were waived.
  4. Website Changes: We encourage you to make modifications to your IPB Website to freshen its look and enhance its marketing value. Any changes to the transferred "as-is" design will be subject to the SPAN Member design rate of $65 per hour. Note: the Book Emporium policy of 15 minutes of free design time for changes will not apply for IPB Websites; however please note, the SPAN Member design rate is being reduced from $75 to $65 per hour and the hosting fee is being reduced from $29.95 to $24.95 per month.
  5. Got Questions? If you have any questions regarding IPB, send email to or call Richard Beaty at (520) 825-4500.
* [publisher] in[publisher] and[publisher] refer to your current Website directory name.
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The "Independent Publishers Bookstore" (IPB) Website is a product of Vision Technologies, Inc. d.b.a. VistaWorks. SPAN endorses IPB as its official Member Website, and VistaWorks provides special price privileges to SPAN members. However, IPB is operated by VistaWorks totally independently of SPAN. All questions regarding IPB policies & procedures should be directed to:

VistaWorks, P.O. Box 4629, Buena Vista, CO 81211
Phone: (719) 395-5700, Fax: (719) 395-5795


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