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Sarah's Bead

Divine Mirror Press, Sarah's Bead
One night, Sarah the packrat stumbles over her most wonderful find - a beautiful bead! Nothing else can measure up to this extraordinary addition to her collection of treasures. Later that evening, a man and woman arrive and spend the night in Sarah's stable. To her amazement, a baby is born that night. When visitors come bearing gifts for this so-called "baby king," Sarah wants a closer look. However, she is convinced the sight of her ugly, whiskered face will scare everyone.

Sarah's Bead
Some time later, another packrat named Abel arrives on a camel along with several wise men. Abel brings a golden thread for the new-born king but has no time to present it to the baby - that is Sarah's task. She must also present a gift of her own, but what is worthy of a king? Furthermore, what is she willing to give? How can Sarah dash into the manger with the gifts without being caught? As she struggles to overcome her fear, she finds in the manger the most beautiful discover of all.

ISBN# 0-9678780-8-X

Divine Mirror Press
Glorious pictures of the Holy Family and beautiful pictures of Sarah and her stable mates along with the tender and touching story make this marvelous picturebook a new Christmas classic, reminding us of the miracle of God's unconditional love and furthering our understanding that all of His creation is precious in His sight.

Ages 5-9

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Sarah's Bead

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The Divine Mirror Press imprint publishes spiritual books for children which promote tolerance among faiths, cultures, and races.

Our mission is to support the Truth in all major religions that there is One Universal Presence which has made all of creation out of Itself. Therefore, everything is a reflection of the Divine. Our hope is to change the world by helping children to see God in All there is.

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