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Listing of titles matching Subject: Women Issues.

Title Subtitle Author Price
A Rose Beneath The Thorns A Metamorphosis/A Miracle  Rose Hodges $14.95
A Woman's Guide to Bikes and Biking   Julie Harrell $9.95
ACNE IN BLACK WOMEN   Dr. N. Persadsingh M.D. $10.00
ALL TOGETHER NOW Records Instructions and Wishes For Those You Love  Elaine Todd $23.95
And Adam Knew Eve A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible  Ronald L. Ecker $19.95
Are You In Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game  Helaine Z. Harris MA MFT $14.95
Breastfeeding's Number One Question: How Di I Know My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?  Beverly Morgan $12.95
Bridgers An Ascension Parable  Lillian R. Yeshe $13.95
Building Relationships once you Understand Who You've Become  JaNa'BaVa (Janice Vaughn) $12.95
Cancer: If I'd Only Known   Colette A. Noelker $8.95
Dr. Laura Gets On My Nerves An Approach to Morality Without Smugness  Traci M. Christian $9.95
Echoes of a Voice Within A Journal for Self Reflection  Bernadette Garzarelli $10.00
One Tiny Hope A Journal To My Adopted Child  Kari Gilliam Palmer $16.95
Reading Your Baby's Body Language   Beverly Morgan $12.95
Recipes Recollections and Reflections   Betty Taylor Yeddis $22.95
Rising to the Dawn A Rape Suvivor's Journey Into Healing  Editor LaVerne C. Williams $17.50
Spirit Led and Free To Be   Jacqueline M. Yohe $12.00
Surfacing Soliloquy   Audrea Dutcher-McLeod $12.95
The Artemis Chronicles A Trilogy of Metaphysical Novels  Lillian R. Yeshe $24.95

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