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Listing of titles matching Subject: Sports/Recreation.

Title Subtitle Author Price
101 Ways to Make Ramen Noodles Creative cooking when you can only afford ten-for-a-dollar pasta  Toni Patrick $9.95
4WD Adventures: Colorado Explore Colorado in Your SUV  Massey/Wilson $28.95
A Woman's Guide to Bikes and Biking   Julie Harrell $9.95
Buying a Bike How to Get the Best Bike for Your Money  Rob van der Plas $9.95
Climb When Ready   David John James $19.95
Cycle History 7 Proceedings 7th International Cycling History Conference  Rob van der Plas (Ed.) $45.00
Cycle History 8 Proceedings 8th International Cycling History Conference  Nicholas Oddy and Rob van der Plas (Eds.) $45.00
Cycle History 9 Proceedings 9th International Cycling History Conference  Glen Norcliffe and Rob van der Plas (Eds.) $45.00
Cycling for Profit How to Make a Living With Your Bike  Jim Gregory $12.95
FUZZY ZOELLER - Have You Heard The One About?... Hysterical golf humor as never before presented  Fuzzy Zoeller $49.95
Growing Up With Shoeless Joe The Greatest Natural Player in Baseball History  Joe Thompson $65.00
Honey Let's Get a Boat A Cruising Adventure of America's Great Loop  Ron Stob & Eva I. Stob $19.95
In Pursuit of the Yellow Jersey Bicycle Racing in the Age of the “Tortured Tour”  Samuel Abt and James Startt $16.95
Lance Armstrong's Comeback from Cancer A Scrapbooks of the Tour de France Winner's Dramatic Career  Samuel Abt $16.95
Sports Stories and the Bible   Stan Nix $14.95
Sunday's Warriors History of the Philadelphia Eagles   Donald P. Campbell $24.95
Swap   Sam Moffie $14.95
The Beginners Guide to Planned Betting The $afe Bet Book  Jeoffry Carton $19.95
The Birth of Dirt Origins of Mountain Biking  Frank J. Berto $12.95
The Dancing Chain History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle  Frank Berto Ron Shepherd Raymond Henry $49.95
The Data Book 100 Years of Bicycle Component and Accessory Design  Noguchi $49.95

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