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Listing of titles matching Subject: Regional.

Title Subtitle Author Price
A Barfly's Guide To Chicago's Drinking Establishments   Tony Gordon $19.95
August Magic: A novel   Veronica Anne Starbuck $12.95
Coming or Going Poetry & Prose  Dorey Schmidt $12.00
Kokopelli Ceremonies   Stephen W. Hill $24.95
Midwest Passage how traveling close to home broadened my horizons  Marianne Goss $11.95
Northwest Weekend Gardener Organizer A Three Year Planner  Lavon H. La Fresnaye $17.95
Ordinary Americans: US History Through the Eyes of Everyday People 2nd edition  Linda Monk $22.95
SoHo Guide 2001   Partnership Publishing $18
The Days of June Recollections of a Country Sheriff - The Stories of June Jost as told to Tracy Mayes  Tracy Mayes $8.00
The Nuremberg Funnel Idaho-German Tales  George M. Klein $16.95
TriBeCa Guide 2000   Partnership Publishing $18
Windmills and Fireflies My Life as a Country Girl  Kay J. Johnson $9.95

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