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Title Subtitle Author Price
"And there was No One to bury Them" The Ministry of the Two Witnesses  Mark H. Bouman $9.25
After The Mold It's Your Money Turning to Dust  Gordon Smith $29.95
ALL TOGETHER NOW Records Instructions and Wishes For Those You Love  Elaine Todd $23.95
And Adam Knew Eve A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible  Ronald L. Ecker $19.95
Ayurveda Encyclopedia Natural Secrets to Healing Prevention & Longevity  Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha $34.95
Bad Dogs Need It Good Dogs Deserve It An encyclopedia of behavior problems and training solutions  Nick L. Terrell $17.50
Caring for the Dead Your Final Act of Love  Lisa Carlson $29.95
Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws   Robert Ellis Smith $31.00
Credit Card and Debt Management A step-by-step how-to guide for organizing debts and saving money on interest payments  Scott Bilker $19.95
Current Issues 2003 Critical Policy Choices Facing the Nation and the World  Susan Ballinger $14.75
Directory of Privacy Professionals Individuals and Organizations With Knowledge and Information on Privacy  Robert Ellis Smith $12.50
Dr. Bob and His Library A Major A.A. Spiritual Source  Dick B. $22.95
Families of County Cork, Ireland, past and present including old Irish and settler families  O'Laughlin, Michael C. $34
FUTURES 101: An Introduction To Commodity Trading.  Richard E. Waldron $24.95
Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address a guide in the English language.  Duhallow $14,95
Guide to Irish Family Research with a 10 step guide including postal and email address list  O'Laughlin, Michael C. $15
HealthCheques Carbohydrate Fat & Calorie Guide A Complete and Up-To-Date Guide for Carbohydrate Fat and Calories!  Jane Stephenson RD CDE and Bridgett Wagener RD $3.96
Herbs of the Earth A Self-Teaching Guide to Healing Remedies  Mary Carse $12.95
How To Get A Career in Broadcasting   Kathryn Andrews $15.95
Irish Genealogies including those from Keatings History of Ireland  O'Laughlin, Michael C./Keating $29.95
King James Irish Army List 1659 The Wild Geese of Ireland  D'Alton, John $125
Machiavelli's The Republican The Best Possible America & How To Achieve It  Nelson A. Blue $14.95
MeasurIt: Achieving Profitable Training   Marsha Mondschein $39.95
More Than Recipes Recipes for 420 full-course meals with grocery lists and calendar guide  Kathy and Leonard Heerensperger $49.95
Namemaker's Handbook Creative Selections for Constant Connections  Leonard E. Pruitt $15.00
Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral neuropathy   John A. Senneff $29.95
Reflexology Today: A Family Affair A Self-Help Guide for Family Wellness  Njideka N. Olatunde ND Ph.D. $19.95
SoHo Guide 2000   Partnership Publishing $18
The American Economy 3rd edition Government's Role, Citizen's Choice  Charles R. Sass $9.95
The Beginners Guide to Planned Betting The $afe Bet Book  Jeoffry Carton $19.95
The Bill of Rights: A Users Guide 3rd edition   Linda Monk $15.45
The Book of Irish Families, great & small Arm, locations and origins from the earliest times  Michael C. O'Laughlin $4.95
The Coming Events Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled Today?  James P. Massey $7.95
The Law of Privacy Explained   Robert Ellis Smith $14.50
The Little Black Working Guide Cutting Pain and Other Symptoms - Includes Most Current Medicinal Traditional Herbal Dietary and Complementary Therapies  Mary Ann Vaughn Simpson R.N. B.S.N. $39.95
The Mining Camps Speak A New Way To Explore the Ghost Towns of the American West  Sagstetter, Beth & Bill $19.95
THE ODD LOT Raising Unusual Animals  Dr. L. C. Beattie Inlow $17.95
The Parks and Mountains of Colorado A Summer Vacation in the Switzerland of America, 1868  Bowles, Samuel $14.95
The Social History of Ancient Ireland The conmplete 2 volume set  P. W. Joyce $145
The Truth About Trusts A Trustee's Survival Guide  Jack W Everett CFP AIMC $27.95
The Writer's Guide to Critique Groups   Linda Griffin $12.95
The Zoo Book A Guide To America's Best  Allen Nyhuis $14.95
There's No Business Like Land Business   R.G. Eaton $10.95
To Keep and Bear Arms 2nd edition Gun Control and the Second Amendment  Close Up Publishing $59.95
Tribes, Customs and Genealogies of the Hy Fiachrach in Ireland   John O'Donovan $125
Victims of Memory Sex-Abuse Accusations and Shattered Lives  Mark Pendergrast $24.95
War Stories Accounts of Persons Victimized by Invasionsof Privacy  Robert Ellis Smith $27.50

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