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Listing of titles matching Subject: Poetry.

Title Subtitle Author Price
CHRYSALIS a novel  Althea Horner $21.95
Coming or Going Poetry & Prose  Dorey Schmidt $12.00
Freelance Writing For Greeting Card Companies   Patrisha Stauss $9.95
Giggles Children's Poetry to Tickle Your Funny Bone  Babs Schneider $8.95
Inspiration in Poetry   Hannah Forsyth Dixon $9.95
Laughing Keeps You Young (but it does nothing for gray hair!)  Michael H. Cotton $19.99
Metamorphosis of the Serpent God   Robert L. Giron $12.00
Mother's Spirit The First 100 Days  Frank Kuhnert $9.95
Poetry of Pain Poems of truth hope and acceptance for those who suffer chronic pain  Linda Martinson $9.95
Recipes Roses & Rhyme A Collection of Wonderful Easy Recipes and Romantic Sentiments  Portia Little $6.95
Rising to the Dawn A Rape Suvivor's Journey Into Healing  Editor LaVerne C. Williams $17.50
Roses and Thorns: A Poetic Pride and Prejudice   Selene Goodman $10.00
SHARPEN - The Poems   Peter K Sharpen $19.95
Spirit Led and Free To Be   Jacqueline M. Yohe $12.00
Spoken Heart   Dianna Lynn James Lyman $9.95
Surfacing Soliloquy   Audrea Dutcher-McLeod $12.95
The Thing in the Tub And Other Poems  Various $7.99
The Unknown Author   James Russell Saner II $14.95
Two Hearts Talking   Harald H. Prommel $14.95
World On My Shoulders   Joylynn M. Jossel $12.95

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