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Listing of titles matching Subject: Metaphysical.

Title Subtitle Author Price
A Mountain In The Wind An Exploration of the Spirituality of John Denver  Christine Smith $14.95
Are You In Love with a Vampire? Healing the Relationship Drain Game  Helaine Z. Harris MA MFT $14.95
Big Yellow Monster   Shirley Carton $19.95
Birthflowers of the Landscape   Linton Wright McKnight $19.95
Bridgers An Ascension Parable  Lillian R. Yeshe $13.95
Diary of a Healer A Love Story (Part 1)  Clementine Marie Giovannetti $16.95
Experience Unconditional Love This Year Help Create 'A Loving and Peaceful Planet Earth!'  Dan Klatt $14.95
Fifth Life of the Catwoman - unabridged audio fiction An allegory of prejudice intolerance second chances and the feline obsession with tuna!  Kathleen Dexter $29.95
GARBAGE Angel Sarah's Story  Clyde White $24
Isle of Fantasies Secrets for Creating the Love of Your Life  Tana Marie & Robert Misrack $22.95
Living in Chaos Walking in Peace A Matter of Ascension  Barbara Knudson Ph.D. $9.95
Meditation is Boring? Putting Life in Your Spiritual Practice  Linda Johnsen $13.95
Mre than Meets the Eye: Energy   Judith Poole $17.95
SHARPEN - The Poems   Peter K Sharpen $19.95
Subud the Coming New Age of Reality The Most Complete Book on Subud  Simon Monbaron $34.95
The Acorn Within Me "Becoming The Abundance That Lives Within Us"  Duane S. Flaming LSCSW $12.95
The Artemis Chronicles A Trilogy of Metaphysical Novels  Lillian R. Yeshe $24.95
The Best-Selling Guide To Dream Interpretation Change Your Dreams and Change Your Life  Clementine Marie Giovannetti $16.95
The Harvesting A Novel  Richard Berry $14.95
The Switched   G.D. Sacco $12.95
The Tenth Muse A Modern Myth  Lily G. Stephen $14.95
The Unknown Author   James Russell Saner II $14.95
Unconditional Love Workbook Enhance the Value of the Book  Dan Klatt $12.95
Walk Into The Light And Reclaim Your Soul's Purpose  Clementine Marie Giovannetti $12.95
Yikes!! My Butt's Falling Humorous "tails" of aging baby boomers  Aleta Pippin & Robyn Mulhearn $14.95

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