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Listing of titles matching Subject: Humor.

Title Subtitle Author Price
Dynamic Retirement A Guidebook for the Golden Years  George Hawley $1995
Dynamic Travel Thrilling Trips for your Golden Years  George Hawley $9.95
Footprints in the Butter An Ingrid Beaumont Mystery Co-Starring Hitchcock the Dog  Denise Dietz $21.95
FUZZY ZOELLER - Have You Heard The One About?... Hysterical golf humor as never before presented  Fuzzy Zoeller $49.95
How to Survive Hospital Care or   William C. Anderson $6.95
Laughing Keeps You Young (but it does nothing for gray hair!)  Michael H. Cotton $19.99
Making My Way Memories of a Boyhood Along the Skipanon River  Rudolph Terry Shappee $11.95
Paradise On The Plains   Keith Cook $14.95
Shorty and the Radio Men A Young Writer's Light-Hearted Encounter with World War II  Myron Sutton $16.95
Spirit Led and Free To Be   Jacqueline M. Yohe $12.00
Swap   Sam Moffie $14.95
The Days of June Recollections of a Country Sheriff - The Stories of June Jost as told to Tracy Mayes  Tracy Mayes $8.00
Tincture of Tears and Laughter   Marcos Krausz, M.D. $15.00
Voices In Your Head Ramblings Of A Radio Madman  Randy Miller $14.95
Waiter There's a Horse in My Wine A Treasury of Entertainment Exploration and Education by America's Wittiest Wine Critic  Jennifer "Chotzi" Rosen $14.95
Windmills and Fireflies My Life as a Country Girl  Kay J. Johnson $9.95
Yikes!! My Butt's Falling Humorous "tails" of aging baby boomers  Aleta Pippin & Robyn Mulhearn $14.95
Ziplow Sci Fi Shorts Vol II   Various $9.95

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