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Listing of titles matching Subject: History.

Title Subtitle Author Price
"And there was No One to bury Them" The Ministry of the Two Witnesses  Mark H. Bouman $9.25
A Generation Speaks Voices of the Great Depression  The Writers' Discussion Group $14.95
A Widow's Might A True Story  Carolyn Ellis Lipscomb $24.95
Bag Men: Mosaics   Richard W. Mc Burney M.D. $17.95
Ben Franklin's Web Site Privacy and Curiosity from Plymouth Rock to the Internet  Robert Ellis Smith $27.50
Biblical History of Black Mankind Black heritage revealed in Biblilcal History  C. McGhee Livers $20
Black Cops   James N. Reaves $21.95
Brigid's Charge - unabridged audio fiction   Cynthia Lamb $32.95
By the Power of God A Guide to Early A.A. Groups and Forming Similar Groups Today  Dick B. $23.95
Climb When Ready   David John James $19.95
Commanders and Chiefs A Brief History of Fort McDowell Arizona (1865-1890) its officers and men and the Indians they were ordered to subdue.  Elaine Waterstrat $ 6.95
Cycle History 7 Proceedings 7th International Cycling History Conference  Rob van der Plas (Ed.) $45.00
Cycle History 8 Proceedings 8th International Cycling History Conference  Nicholas Oddy and Rob van der Plas (Eds.) $45.00
Cycle History 9 Proceedings 9th International Cycling History Conference  Glen Norcliffe and Rob van der Plas (Eds.) $45.00
Dream Sleeps: Castle & Palace Hotels of Europe   Pamela Barrus $17.95
Families of County Cork, Ireland, past and present including old Irish and settler families  O'Laughlin, Michael C. $34
For Love & Liberty The Story of the New York Spies during the American Revolution  Jerry Robbins $5.97
For Love & Liberty A Story of the Revolutionary War  Jerry A. Robbins $5.97
Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address a guide in the English language.  Duhallow $14,95
Gingerbread With Love   Bennie Floyd Walker $18.95
Growing Up With Shoeless Joe The Greatest Natural Player in Baseball History  Joe Thompson $65.00
Hollywood Hoosier An Indiana Kid and His Disney Daze  Charles R. Grizzle $16.95
Hoomothya's Long Journey 1865-1897 The True Story of a Yavapai Indian  Elaine Waterstrat $14.95
Hopscotch Days A Remembering of The Way it Was  Beverley Wood $11.95
Introduction to the Sources and Founding of Alcoholics Anonymous   Dick B. $22.95
Irish Genealogies including those from Keatings History of Ireland  O'Laughlin, Michael C./Keating $29.95
King James Irish Army List 1659 The Wild Geese of Ireland  D'Alton, John $125
Laughter Wasn't Rationed A Personal Journey Through Germany's World Wars and Postwar Years  Dorothea von Schwanenfluegel Lawson $24.95
Machiavelli's The Republican The Best Possible America & How To Achieve It  Nelson A. Blue $14.95
Making My Way Memories of a Boyhood Along the Skipanon River  Rudolph Terry Shappee $11.95
OMAR: A Novel (Historical Suspense-Thriller) (AUTOGRAPHED First Edition; 624 pgs -- Hardbound -- Credit Orders Usually ship within 48 hours; Checks must clear first); INdiana Residents Add 5% Sales Tax  Craig O. Thompson $24.95
OMAR: A Novel (Historical Suspense-Thriller) (AUTOGRAPHED First Edition; 624 pgs -- Hardbound -- Credit orders usually ship within 48 hours; Checks must clear first); INdiana Residents Add 5% Sales Tax  Craig O. Thompson $14.95
OMAR: A Novel (Historical Suspense-Thriller) (Electronic E-book Adobe™ Version; First Edition; 624 pgs; Download code usually sent within 48 hours for credit orders; Payment by check must clear); INdiana Residents Add 5% Sales Tax  Craig O. Thompson $9.95
Once A Warrior   Fran Baker $12.95
ONWARD PEREGRINOS   Myrna Ericksen $16.95
Ordinary Americans: US History Through the Eyes of Everyday People 2nd edition  Linda Monk $22.95
Paradise On The Plains   Keith Cook $14.95
Postcards of Nursing: A Worldwide Tribute   Michael Zwerdling R.N. $65.00
Real Twelve Step Fellowship History The Old School A.A. You May Not Know (Training the Trainers)  Dick B. $23.95
Recipes Recollections and Reflections   Betty Taylor Yeddis $22.95
Riding The Bomb True Stories of Young People Surviving War  Charles R. Grizzle $22.95
Shorty and the Radio Men A Young Writer's Light-Hearted Encounter with World War II  Myron Sutton $16.95
SKINNY SCOTTY The Adventurous Life of Rosa Ellen Scott  June E. Bussard $10.95
Steam Locomotive A Story of the Golden Age of Steam in the United States  Esther Gardner $9.95
Sunday's Warriors History of the Philadelphia Eagles   Donald P. Campbell $24.95
That Amazing Grace The Role of Clarence and Grace S. in Alcoholics Anonymous  Dick B. $22.95
The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous   Dick B. $23.95
The Bill of Rights: A Users Guide 3rd edition   Linda Monk $15.45
The Birth of Dirt Origins of Mountain Biking  Frank J. Berto $12.95
The Book of Irish Families, great & small Arm, locations and origins from the earliest times  Michael C. O'Laughlin $4.95
The Books Early AAs Read for Spiritual Growth (7th ed.)   Dick B. $21.95
The Dancing Chain History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle  Frank Berto Ron Shepherd Raymond Henry $49.95
The Data Book 100 Years of Bicycle Component and Accessory Design  Noguchi $49.95
The First Nationwide Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference   Dick B. $22.95
The Good Book and The Big Book A.A.'s Roots in the Bible  Dick B. $23.95
The James Club and the Original A.A. Program's Absolute Essentials   Dick B. $23.95
The Lyon's Cub Book 2 in The Lyon Saga  M. L. Stainer $6.95(pb) $9.95(hc)
The Lyon's Pride Book 3 in The Lyon Saga  M. L. Stainer $6.95 (pb) / $9.95 (hc)
The Lyon's Roar (hard cover) Book 1 in The Lyon Saga  M. L. Stainer $9.95
The Lyon's Roar (paper back) Book 1 in The Lyon Saga  M. L. Stainer $6.95
The Lyon's Throne Book 4 in The Lyon Saga  M. L. Stainer $6.95(pb) / $9.95(hc)
The Meaning of Machu Picchu   James S. Westerman $29.95
The Mining Camps Speak A New Way To Explore the Ghost Towns of the American West  Sagstetter, Beth & Bill $19.95
The Nisei Soldier Historical Essays on WWII and the Korean War  Edwin M. Nakasone $19.95
The Orphan   Chet Hosac $17.95
The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous A Design for Living That Works  Dick B. $23.95
The Parks and Mountains of Colorado A Summer Vacation in the Switzerland of America, 1868  Bowles, Samuel $14.95
The Rainbow's Foot A Novel of Danger, Greed, and Passion  Denise Dietz Wiley $15.95
The Secrecy of Evil The Qabala and its Followers: the Knights Templars, Illuminati, Freemasonry, and other Secret Societies from Early to Modern Times  M. Alomari $17.95
The Social History of Ancient Ireland The conmplete 2 volume set  P. W. Joyce $145
Tomboy Bride A woman's personal account of life in early mining camps of the West  Backus, Harriet $14.95
Tribes, Customs and Genealogies of the Hy Fiachrach in Ireland   John O'Donovan $125
Waiting for the Harvest   Elaine Ambrose Nielsen $12
We Called It War! The untold story of the combat infantry in Korea  Denzil Batson $11.95

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