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Title Subtitle Author Price
A New Way In Reaching the Heart of a Child of God in Recovery with His Own Powerful Historical Roots  Dick B. $19.95
A New Way Out New Path--Familiar Road Signs--Our Creator's Guidance  Dick B. $19.95
ACNE IN BLACK WOMEN   Dr. N. Persadsingh M.D. $10.00
Anne Smith's Journal 1933-1939 A.A.'s Principles of Success  Dick B. $22.95
Ayurveda Encyclopedia Natural Secrets to Healing Prevention & Longevity  Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha $34.95
Bite the Apple Healthy Bites of Medical Knowledge  Dr. Mayer L. Horensten $7.95
Body Respect/Easy Diet Understanding our fearfully and wonderfully made body for its simple nutritional needs.  Diane M. Hoffmann C.N.C. $10.78
Cancer: If I'd Only Known   Colette A. Noelker $8.95
Chiropractic the Greatest Hoax of the Century?   L.A.Chotkowski MD FACP $14.95
Cholesterol Control Without Diet! The Niacin Solution  William B. Parsons Jr. MD $19.95
Cocina Mexicana Saludable Recetas Autenticas con Bajo Contenido de Grasa  Velda de la Garza MS RD $12.76
Cooking ala Heart Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes to Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke  Linda Hachfeld MPH RD $15.96
Cured! Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts  Dick B. $23.95
Diabetic Goodie Book   Kathy Kochan $12.76
Families Are Forever A true story of a family's struggle and triumphs during a child's illness  Karen Garnier $15.00
For Men Only! For Women Only! The best sex you'll ever have!  Sarah Naomi Johnson $9.95
Gifts of the Heart A Collection of Heart Healthy Recipes  Linda Hachfeld MPH RD $6.80
God and Alcoholism Our Growing Opportunity in the 21st Century  Dick B. $21.95
Good Morning! Quiet Time Morning Watch Meditation and Early A.A.  Dick B. $22.95
HealthCheques Carbohydrate Fat & Calorie Guide A Complete and Up-To-Date Guide for Carbohydrate Fat and Calories!  Jane Stephenson RD CDE and Bridgett Wagener RD $3.96
Healthy Mexican Cooking Authentic Low-Fat Recipes  Velda de la Garza MS RD $12.76
Herbs of the Earth A Self-Teaching Guide to Healing Remedies  Mary Carse $12.95
Homeopathic Remedies For Health Professionals and Laypeople  Buegel Chernin and Lewis $15.95
How About A Hug (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
How About A Hug (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
How to Survive Hospital Care or   William C. Anderson $6.95
Lance Armstrong's Comeback from Cancer A Scrapbooks of the Tour de France Winner's Dramatic Career  Samuel Abt $16.95
Liberated Orgasm The Orgasmic Revolution  Herbert A. Otto Ph.D. $23.95
Making Known the Biblical History and Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous A Sixteen-Year Research Writing Publishing and Fact Dissemination Project  Dick B. $24.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Critical Care Critical Care Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: E.R. Emergency Department Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Med-Surg Medical Surgical Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Peds Pediatric Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Spanish Guide for Nurses Pocket Spanish Guide for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
More Than Recipes Recipes for 420 full-course meals with grocery lists and calendar guide  Kathy and Leonard Heerensperger $49.95
Mother's Spirit The First 100 Days  Frank Kuhnert $9.95
New Light on Alcoholism God Sam Shoemaker and A.A.  Dick B. $24.95
Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral neuropathy   John A. Senneff $29.95
Patrick And Emma Lou (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
Poetry of Pain Poems of truth hope and acceptance for those who suffer chronic pain  Linda Martinson $9.95
Real Solution Anger Control Workbook   Richard Pfeiffer $54.00
Real Solution Anxiety/Panic Workbook   Richard Pfeiffer $54.00
Real Solution Assertiveness Workbook   Richard Pfeiffer $49.00
Real Solution Binge/Compulsive Eating Workbook   Richard Pfeiffer $45.00
Reflexology Today: A Family Affair A Self-Help Guide for Family Wellness  Njideka N. Olatunde ND Ph.D. $19.95
Signs of Life A Memoir of Dying and Discovery  Tim Brookes $18.95
Survival of the Cleanest A Common Sense Guide to Preventing Infectious Disease  Jacob I. T. van der Merwe $16.95
The Essential Arthritis Cookbook Kitchen Basics for People with Arthritis Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain and Fatigue  Arthritis Center and Dept. of Nutrition Sciences of University of Alabama at Birmingham $12.80
The Golden Text of A.A. God the Pioneers and Real Spirituality  Dick B. $20.25
The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook   Dick B. $22.95
The Little Black Working Guide Cutting Pain and Other Symptoms - Includes Most Current Medicinal Traditional Herbal Dietary and Complementary Therapies  Mary Ann Vaughn Simpson R.N. B.S.N. $39.95
The Little Grounding Book   Judith Poole $10.00
THE PEOPLE'S CANCER GUIDE BOOK Practical information to help understand Cancer; Its Causes Early Detection Prevention Symptoms Stages Treatments and Cureention  Ronald E. Aigotti M. D. $29.95
The Universal Laws of Healing The Contrast Between Healers and Pretenders  Dr. C.C. Wilcher D.C. N.D. $45
Tincture of Tears and Laughter   Marcos Krausz, M.D. $15.00
Turning Point A History of Early A.A.'s Spiritual Roots and Successes  Dick B. $29.95
Twelve Steps for You Take the Twelve Steps with the Big Book A.A History and the Good Book at Your Side  Dick B. $21.95
Utilizing Early A.A.'s Spiritual Roots for Recovery Today   Dick B. $20.95
Vegetarian Cooking for Healthy Living An Ultra Low-Fat Nutrition Guide for Living Well  Mary Ter Meer BS and Jamie Gates Galeana MS RD LS $14.36
Vegetarian Homestyle Cooking A Guide to Heart-Healthy Lowfat Eating  Jeanne Tiberio MS RD $12.76
What's for Breakfast? Light & Easy Morning Meals for Busy People  Donna S. Roy MS RD and Kathleen Flores MS RD $11.16
When Early AAs Were Cured and Why   Dick B. $23.95
Why Early A.A. Succeeded The Good Book in Alcoholics Anonymous Yesterday and Today (A Bible Study Primer for AAs and Other 12-Steppers)  Dick B. $23.95

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