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Title Subtitle Author Price
Making Money In Today's Economy Using The Formula X Rating System  Paul Morabito $15.99
A Mathematical Medley Gleanings From The Globe & Beyond  Winton Laubach $13.75
A Widow's Might A True Story  Carolyn Ellis Lipscomb $24.95
ABC Feelings Coloring/Learning Book   Alexandra Delis-Abrams Ph.D. $7.95
After The Mold It's Your Money Turning to Dust  Gordon Smith $29.95
Are You Financially Checkamte? You live in an economic culture designed to keep you broke. Discover how to take control and free yourself from financial bondage  Tom Graneau Sr. $21.99
Bad Dogs Need It Good Dogs Deserve It An encyclopedia of behavior problems and training solutions  Nick L. Terrell $17.50
Becoming Me A Journey Towards Self-Discovery  Dr. Linda Beattie Inlow $14.95
Biblical History of Black Mankind Black heritage revealed in Biblilcal History  C. McGhee Livers $20
Big Yellow Monster   Shirley Carton $19.95
Body Respect/Easy Diet Understanding our fearfully and wonderfully made body for its simple nutritional needs.  Diane M. Hoffmann C.N.C. $10.78
Claims How To Collect Insurance Money Without A Lawyer  Gordon Smith $24.95
Contextual Communication Organization & Training ...the missing link in communication  Diane M. Hoffmann $21.55
Cooking with the Sun How to Build and Use Solar Cookers  Beth & Dan Halacy $9.95
Current Issues 2003 Critical Policy Choices Facing the Nation and the World  Susan Ballinger $14.75
Exploring the African Centered Paradigm Discourse and Innovation in African World Community Studies  Itibari M. Zulu $14.95
Fifth Life of the Catwoman - unabridged audio fiction An allegory of prejudice intolerance second chances and the feline obsession with tuna!  Kathleen Dexter $29.95
Film & Art   Bruce H. Hinrichs $16.95
First Steps to Starting your Own Business A self-administering guide on planning to start a business.  Diane M. Hoffmann (Ph.D. C.N.C.) $14.35
Gaelic Titles and Forms of Address a guide in the English language.  Duhallow $14,95
Guide to Irish Family Research with a 10 step guide including postal and email address list  O'Laughlin, Michael C. $15
Herbs of the Earth A Self-Teaching Guide to Healing Remedies  Mary Carse $12.95
Horizontal Chronology of the Four Gospels Read the Gospel in a new dimension of understanding.  Diane M. Hoffmann Ph.D. $17.95
How He Priested A Biography of an Episcopal Priest  Martha Smith $29.95
How To Get A Career in Broadcasting   Kathryn Andrews $15.95
How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service Work independently for bankruptcy attorneys nationwide  Victoria Ring $79.99
If Your Dreams Are Big Enough THE FACTS DON'T COUNT! WE ARE NOT RETARDS...WE ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU!  Michael S. Long with Karl Williams $12.95
Kids in Print Publishing A School Newspaper--Second Edition  Mark Levin $12.99
King James Irish Army List 1659 The Wild Geese of Ireland  D'Alton, John $125
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Critical Care Critical Care Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: E.R. Emergency Department Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Med-Surg Medical Surgical Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Peds Pediatric Pocket Reference for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Martin's Quick-E Clinical Nursing Reference: Spanish Guide for Nurses Pocket Spanish Guide for Nurses  Martin Schiavenato $19.95
Math Attack How to Reduce Math Anxiety in the Classroom, at Work and in Everday Personal Use  Marilyn Curtain-Phillips $15.00
MeasurIt: Achieving Profitable Training   Marsha Mondschein $39.95
Ordinary Americans: US History Through the Eyes of Everyday People 2nd edition  Linda Monk $22.95
Patrick And Emma Lou (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
Real-World Publishing for Kids Projects for Your Classroom Publishing Center  Mark Levin $14.99
Selling for a Living A self-administering guide on sales management.  Diane M. Hoffmann (Ph.D. C.N.C.) $14.35
Sensitivity And Awareness Guide -- Third Edition A guide for developing understanding among children  Norma H. McPhee / Paddy Favazza / Eleanore Grater Lewis $14.95
SHARPEN - The Articles   Peter K Sharpen $10.95
Steam Locomotive A Story of the Golden Age of Steam in the United States  Esther Gardner $9.95
TEACHER TEACHER I DECLARE! and Other Little Tattle Ttales  W. Royce Adams $14.95
Teaching Adults 50 Powerful Techniques for Success  Paula Bernstein $5.00
The Adjuster! Making Insurance Claims Pay  Gordon Smith $39.95
The American Economy 3rd edition Government's Role, Citizen's Choice  Charles R. Sass $9.95
The Beginners Guide to Planned Betting The $afe Bet Book  Jeoffry Carton $19.95
The Bill of Rights: A Users Guide 3rd edition   Linda Monk $15.45
The Bum's Rush Phrases and Fallacies of Rush Limbaugh  Don Trent Jacobs $12
The Coming Events Is Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled Today?  James P. Massey $7.95
The Feelings Storybook   Alexandra Delis-Abrams Ph.D. $9.95
The Journey of John W. Mosley   Charles Blockson $35.00
The Little German Notebook: A Breakthrough in Early Speaking  Charles Merlin Long $15.95
The New Amplified Pilgrim's Progress An unabridged retelling of John Bunyan's immortal classic  John Bunyan/Jim Pappas $19.95
The Pilgrim's Progress Audio Book Part I Christian  John Bunyan/Jim Pappas $29.95
The Pilgrim's Progress Audio Book: Part II Part II Christiana  John Bunya/Jim Pappas $29.95
The Reporter's Notebook Writing Tools for Student Journalists  Mark Levin $10.
The Social History of Ancient Ireland The conmplete 2 volume set  P. W. Joyce $145
The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook Learn how to draft a bankruptcy petition and work for attorneys  Victoria Ring $49.99
The Zooming StarBabies   Mary Kay Milam $16.99
To Keep and Bear Arms 2nd edition Gun Control and the Second Amendment  Close Up Publishing $59.95
Tomboy Bride A woman's personal account of life in early mining camps of the West  Backus, Harriet $14.95
Volunteers Wanted A Practical Guide to Finding and Keeping Good Volunteers  Jo B. Rusin $10.95
Waiter There's a Horse in My Wine A Treasury of Entertainment Exploration and Education by America's Wittiest Wine Critic  Jennifer "Chotzi" Rosen $14.95
Welcome to the Professional World A Guide For The Graduating Senior  Gary Martin Ed.D. $24.95
What Good Is...   Deanna Luke $15.95
You Can Teach Someone to Read Step by Step Detailed A How-to Book for Friends Parents and Teachers: Directions to Provide Anyone the Necessary Tools to Easily Teach Someone to Read  Lorraine Peoples $22.95

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