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Listing of titles matching Subject: Children.

Title Subtitle Author Price
A Friend Indeed   Anthony Ehovuon $8.50
A Smile From Andy (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $13.95
A Smile From Andy (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $7.95
ABC Feelings Coloring/Learning Book   Alexandra Delis-Abrams Ph.D. $7.95
Andy Finds A Turtle (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
Andy Finds A Turtle (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
Andy Opens Wide (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $13.95
Andy Opens Wide (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $7.95
August Magic: A novel   Veronica Anne Starbuck $12.95
Becoming Me An Autobiography for the Reader to Complete  Dr. Linda Beattie Inlow $19.95
Big Yellow Monster   Shirley Carton $19.95
Blue Frogs Book 2 in John's Colorful World  Margaret S. Campilonga $$13.95
Buddy's Shadow (Library Binding)  Shirley Becker $14.95
Buddy's Shadow (Paper Bound)  Shirley Becker $8.95
Chris Mouse And The Christmas House   Deanna Luke $14.95
Cookie (Paper Bound)  Linda Kneeland $8.95
Cookie (Library Binding)  Linda Kneeland $14.95
Danny and the Merry-Go-Round (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
Danny and the Merry-Go-Round (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
Dragons of Hong Kong 30 photo cards of Dragons  John & Kirsten O'Connor $9.95
Fair and Square (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $7.95
Fair and Square (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $13.95
Freddie Q. Freckle   Midge Messinger $12.95
Giggles Children's Poetry to Tickle Your Funny Bone  Babs Schneider $8.95
Hopscotch Days A Remembering of The Way it Was  Beverley Wood $11.95
How About A Hug (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
How About A Hug (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
I Look Up To My Dad   Cedric I. Hurtt $6.95
I With Sword   Esther Gardner $9.95
Kids in Print Publishing A School Newspaper--Second Edition  Mark Levin $12.99
Kids Learn From the Inside Out How to Enhance the Human Matrix  Shirley L. Randolph MA PT and Margot C. Heiniger MA OTR $18.95
Leah's Night of Wonder (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $15.00
Little Billy (Library Binding)  Carolyn Stonell Baber $14.95
Marky And The Cat   Deanna Luke $8.95
Marky And The Mouse   Deanna Luke $8.95
Marky And The Rat   Deanna Luke $8.95
of Easter Eggs and Things (Library Bound)  Nan Holcomb $12.95
Patrick And Emma Lou (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
Patrick And Emma Lou (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
RAID ON RAIRARUBIA   W. Royce Adams $10.95
RAIRARUBIA   W. Royce Adams $10.95
RETURN TO RAIRARUBIA   W. Royce Adams $10.95
Revenge on Rairarubia   W. Royce Adams $10.95
Sarah's Surprise (Paper Bound)  Nan Holcomb $8.95
Sarah's Surprise (Library Binding)  Nan Holcomb $14.95
Sensitivity And Awareness Guide -- Third Edition A guide for developing understanding among children  Norma H. McPhee / Paddy Favazza / Eleanore Grater Lewis $14.95
Steam Locomotive A Story of the Golden Age of Steam in the United States  Esther Gardner $9.95
The Feelings Storybook   Alexandra Delis-Abrams Ph.D. $9.95
The Green Giraffe Book 3 in John's Colorful World  Margaret S. Campilonga $$13.95
The New Amplified Pilgrim's Progress An unabridged retelling of John Bunyan's immortal classic  John Bunyan/Jim Pappas $19.95
The Night Search (Paper Bound)  Kate Chamberlin $8.95
The Night Search (Special Braille Edition)  Kate Chamberlin $24.95
The Night Search (Library Binding)  Kate Chamberlin $14.95
The Pilgrim's Progress Audio Book Part I Christian  John Bunyan/Jim Pappas $29.95
The Pilgrim's Progress Audio Book: Part II Part II Christiana  John Bunya/Jim Pappas $29.95
The Reporter's Notebook Writing Tools for Student Journalists  Mark Levin $10.
The Spider Fighter And Other Stories  Jim Johnson $7.99
The Thing in the Tub And Other Poems  Various $7.99
The Yellow Lion Book 1 in John's Colorful World  Margaret S. Campilonga $$13.95
The Zooming StarBabies   Mary Kay Milam $16.99
Turtle Books Audio Twin Pack Includes Andy Finds a Turtle and Danny and the Merry-Go-Round  Nan Holcomb $14.95
Turtle Books Audio Twin Pack Tape Only  Nan Holcomb $4.95
What Good Is...   Deanna Luke $15.95
When I Grow Up (Paper Bound)  Candri Hodges $8.95
When I Grow Up (Library Binding)  Candri Hodges $14.95
Your Very Own Adoption Story   Margie Mintz $29.00

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