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Listing of titles matching Subject: Biography.

Title Subtitle Author Price
A Dream for Gilberto An Immigrant Family's Struggle to Become American  Billie Young $19.95
A Generation Speaks Voices of the Great Depression  The Writers' Discussion Group $14.95
A Mountain In The Wind An Exploration of the Spirituality of John Denver  Christine Smith $14.95
A Rose Beneath The Thorns A Metamorphosis/A Miracle  Rose Hodges $14.95
A Wealth of Family An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage Reunion and Enrichment  Thomas Brooks $17.95
A Widow's Might A True Story  Carolyn Ellis Lipscomb $24.95
Any Way The Wind Blows   Connie Wallace $6.99
Breaking News: God Has A Plan An Anchorwoman's Journey Through Faith  Harris Faulkner $20.00
Cancer: If I'd Only Known   Colette A. Noelker $8.95
Commanders and Chiefs A Brief History of Fort McDowell Arizona (1865-1890) its officers and men and the Indians they were ordered to subdue.  Elaine Waterstrat $ 6.95
Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous His Excellent Training in the Good Book as a Youngster in Vermont  Dick B. $24.95
Dynamic Retirement A Guidebook for the Golden Years  George Hawley $1995
Families Are Forever A true story of a family's struggle and triumphs during a child's illness  Karen Garnier $15.00
For Love & Liberty The Story of the New York Spies during the American Revolution  Jerry Robbins $5.97
Growing Up With Shoeless Joe The Greatest Natural Player in Baseball History  Joe Thompson $65.00
Henrietta B. Seiberling Ohio's Lady with a Cause  Dick B. $20.95
High Low Jack and the Game The Adventures of an Experimental Test Pilot  Charles F. Fisher $16.95
Hollywood Hoosier An Indiana Kid and His Disney Daze  Charles R. Grizzle $16.95
Hoomothya's Long Journey 1865-1897 The True Story of a Yavapai Indian  Elaine Waterstrat $14.95
How He Priested A Biography of an Episcopal Priest  Martha Smith $29.95
If Your Dreams Are Big Enough THE FACTS DON'T COUNT! WE ARE NOT RETARDS...WE ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU!  Michael S. Long with Karl Williams $12.95
Lance Armstrong's Comeback from Cancer A Scrapbooks of the Tour de France Winner's Dramatic Career  Samuel Abt $16.95
Laughter Wasn't Rationed A Personal Journey Through Germany's World Wars and Postwar Years  Dorothea von Schwanenfluegel Lawson $24.95
Memories From My Heart A Journal  Linda Coulter $9.95
ONWARD PEREGRINOS   Myrna Ericksen $16.95
Recipes Recollections and Reflections   Betty Taylor Yeddis $22.95
SKINNY SCOTTY The Adventurous Life of Rosa Ellen Scott  June E. Bussard $10.95
Sunday's Warriors History of the Philadelphia Eagles   Donald P. Campbell $24.95
The Conversion of Bill W. More on the Creator's Role in Early A.A.  Dick B. $23.95
The Days of June Recollections of a Country Sheriff - The Stories of June Jost as told to Tracy Mayes  Tracy Mayes $8.00
The Land of Heart's Delight   Aletha Barrett May & Janis Susan May $11.99
To See His Goodness An Ordinary Life and an Extraordinary God  Marianne Gerdes Smith $12.95
Voices In Your Head Ramblings Of A Radio Madman  Randy Miller $14.95
We Called It War! The untold story of the combat infantry in Korea  Denzil Batson $11.95

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