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Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore

Terms & Conditions

Reader-to-Publisher Direct is an automated system designed to put the book reader and book publisher together for the purpose of making book sales. Certain standardized procedures and policies are necessary to promote the concept of purchasing direct from the publisher and to provide an integrated look to the book buyer.

When you sign up for the Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions defined below. These Terms & Conditions apply ONLY to the Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore. They do not apply to IPB Publisher Websites. If you are NOT signing up for Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore, you may skip this page and go direct to the signup page.

Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore
Terms & Conditions:

IMPORTANT: Be sure you read and understand the following terms and conditions. Sign up for Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore only if you agree with all of the following:

IPB's Reader-to-Publisher Direct serves only as a mechanism to put buyer and seller together. IPB is not acting as an agent, either for the buyer or the seller. You agree that all purchase agreements are made directly between buyer and seller and that IPB and parent company Vision Technologies, Inc. (dba VistaWorks) is not liable for any payments or damages to seller or buyer.

You agree to regularly check your email at the above address for notice of Reader-to-Publisher Direct orders and other communications from buyers and IPB. ABOUT EMAIL

You agree to promptly process & ship buyer orders.

You agree to promptly respond to any buyer inquiries or concerns.

You agree that if any state & local sales taxes are applicable to a buyer order, you will pay these taxes and not pass them on to the buyer. ABOUT SALES TAX

You agree that IPB reserves the right to accept or decline Publisher applications for Reader-to-Publisher Direct at our sole discretion and that we may terminate a publisher's listing on Reader-to-Publisher Direct at any time.

If you agree with the above terms & conditions, you may
for Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore.

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