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Be a Bookseller on "Reader-to-Publisher Direct" Online Bookstore

Sell your books direct to readers on IPB's Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore and pay ZERO Sales Commission! Reader-to-Publisher Direct is a new concept in online bookstores. Just like any other online store, readers browse our collection of books and make purchases over our secure E-Commerce server. But here is the good part. Orders for your books are sent directly to you, eliminating the middle man. You process the order and keep 100% of the sales revenue.

Once you sign up for Reader-to-Publisher Direct, you may list an unlimited number of books for FREE! If you wish, you may select from several value added options that enhance your Bookstore presence and increase the overall value of your participation in Reader-to-Publisher Direct.

VALUE ADDED OPTION ... Secure Order System ... If you are selling your own books and you have your own credit card merchant account, this option will allow readers to purchase online using their credit card. All the experts agree, this feature will increase your order response by making it easy for the reader to buy. Read on for details.

Be a Book Seller with IPB's Reader-to-Publisher Direct Online Bookstore

Business opportunities on the Internet are expanding faster than ever before. Consumers have embraced the concept of E-Commerce, where they can shop and buy from the convenience of their home or office, any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Nowhere has E-Commerce been more successful than in the sale of books.

How Reader-to-Publisher Direct Works

Until recently, independent publishers and authors who wanted to participate in the onrush of e-commerce were limited to the big online book distributors who offered to market your book on their Website for "free." Then when they sold your book they kept the big chunk of the revenues for themselves and sent you the leftovers. Just what kind of "free" is that?

Reader-to-Publisher Direct combines the buyer convenience of online shopping, while preserving the advantages for the publisher of selling direct to the consumer … namely, the publisher keeps 100% of the sale! Here's how it works.

What Publishers Receive

What Does It Cost?

One-time Publisher Registration Fee: $ 35.00
A nominal one-time registration fee is charged to cover the cost of setting up your IPB Publisher Account. Your IPB Publisher Account will allow you to add an unlimited number of book listings to the Bookstore absolutely FREE! There are no ongoing fees to maintain your book listings on the Bookstore.
Secure Order System Setup Charge: 40.00
A one-time setup charge enables your account Secure Order System. With Secure Order System enabled, your readers will be able to submit credit card orders and you will be able to retrieve those orders securely over the Internet. The publisher must have a credit card merchant account to make use of this option.
Link to Your Website Setup Charge: 15.00
Monthly Fee: 9.95
If you elect this option, your book listings will be linked to your Website for additional exposure and promotional value. Your Website will also appear in IPB's "Publisher Websites" section.

Reader-to-Publisher Direct Terms & Conditions

Before you sign up for Reader-to-Publisher Direct, be sure you have read the Terms & Conditions.

Sign Up for Reader-to-Publisher Direct

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Or Just Link Your Website

If you do not want to sell your books online through Reader-to-Publisher Direct but do wish to have your Website linked from IPB's "Publisher Websites" page, just select the "Offsite Link" option. CLICK HERE.

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